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Strauss believes in partnerships, and maintains business collaborations with local partners along with partnerships with leading multinational corporations. Our partnerships are managed on the basis of a shared commitment to improving people’s lives everywhere.


In November 1997 an agreement was signed between Kibbutz Yotvata, the Uri Horazo Yotvata Dairies and Strauss Health. The Kibbutz and Strauss Health each hold 50% of Yotvata Dairies’ share capital.

The Kibbutz has committed to providing all the raw milk it produces to Yotvata Dairies, which specialize in milk drinks and premium milk. According to a series of agreements signed between the parties over the years, Yotvata products are distributed by Strauss’s sales division, and the Company renders various services to the Dairies.

Kibbutz Yotvata lies 42 km north of Eilat and belongs to the Eilot Regional Council. It was founded in 1957 at the Ein Radian site by a Nahal core group. Nahal, acronym of Noar Halutzi Lohem (“Fighting Pioneer Youth”) is an Israeli Defense Forces program that combines military service with the establishment of new agricultural settlements. Kibbutz Yotvata is known mainly for its dairy, which produces milk products that are also sold at “Yotvata Inn” outside the Kibbutz. The Inn has grown and developed over the years and includes a store, gas station and information center where visitors can find out about attractions in the area. The décor features statues of cows, which are spread throughout the premises.

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On the way to Eilat, Stop at Yotvata
With the aim of entering the milk drink market in Israel, Strauss acquired 50% of Kibbutz Yotvata's dairies. The partnership contributed to an improvement in the dairies' management, production and marketing processes, changes which have made Yotvata the leading brand in the Israeli milk drink market.