Community Investment

As members of the local communities in which we operate, you want us to be good corporate citizens. In your community, you are aware of those who have less, those who are less able, those who are disadvantaged and those who need help in many different ways. You look to us, who draw our strength from your community, to be involved, and invest some of the value we generate from the community back with community. Actually, many of our employees and our communities are one and the same. They are primarily locals who have grown up in the areas in which we operate, so the community connection becomes doubly important.


You want us to engage.

It’s not enough to invest money. You want us to invest our time and our energy. Over the years, we have encouraged our employees to do this, and we have reached unprecedented levels of involvement, with over 30% of our employees worldwide donating time in the community, adding up to more than 13,000 hours of service in each year. We engage at a more strategic level with around 40 community associations and charitable organizations, partnering with them to advance important causes.


Our social investment policy

Over the years, we have focused on contributing to social development in areas where we identify an acute need in society and where we feel we are best able to make a difference. In recent years, we have decided to focus specifically on balanced nutrition and on diversity and inclusion


Collaboration to advance healthy lifestyles

In 2018, we established a collaboration in Israel with a new program that focuses on education for healthy lifestyles, balanced nutrition and the prevention of diabetes.

The association, called “Mehayom” collaborates with municipalities, community programs and the business sector to educate and raise awareness of diabetes and influence public policy.

Strauss Israel will support a pilot project with 30 boarding schools to advance healthy lifestyles among pupils. Strauss employees will engage with the program as volunteers, to help build awareness. If successful, the pilot will expand nationally, supported by Israel’s Ministry of Education.


Our support for women-owned businesses

We see Diversity and inclusion as the key social need which we believe is the root of empowerment and social development for individuals and communities.

We partner with Jasmine, the Association of Business Women in Israel, to promote women’s entrepreneurship in Israel. Jasmine was established to realize the economic potential of Jewish and Arab businesswomen in Israel. The association offers women professional courses, training, networking opportunities and other tools that help them empower their business as well as share information with other women business owners and learn by sharing experiences.