Community Involvement Programs

Community Involvement Programs

Implementing the Social Investment Strategy

The Community Investment Strategy is implemented in three ways:


Cash donations: We make cash donations to non-profit organizations, institutions and communities. Strauss Group takes care to follow through with its community partner organizations and the projects the Group supports over a long period of time which is usually at least three years, in order to create commitment towards the organization and the best basis for collaboration.

In-Kind Donations: We donate food products and management time of senior managers in Strauss Group.

Employee Volunteering and Community Projects: Volunteering is a main value of Strauss Group. The Group encourages ongoing volunteering and involvement with the community in all the different business units in Israel and around the world and sets targets for volunteering, providing financial and management support to advance this objective.


Strauss CARE – Social Responsibility Week

As part of our way to make a difference for the better in the communities in which we operate, we are conducting an annual social responsibility week. Our activities will be dedicated to volunteering experiences, learning and communication surrounding sustainability agenda and will focus in two main areas:

  1. Encouraging and educating for a healthy life-style and a balanced nutrition
  2. Discussion and familiarization with diverse communities


Meeting diverse communities is an important opportunity to familiarize, learn and create value for many people around our values and it is part of our way to build trust with our stakeholders, but also a way to express our way to show our consideration towards people.

Experience has shown that volunteer work brings with it great pride and energy for all who participates. We find it imperative for each and every one of our employees to demonstrate leadership and personal example imperative for the success of this important activity.