End Violence Against Women



Preventing violence against women – raising awareness and support for victims

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a unique test of the values and perceptions we at Strauss promote, to provide an understanding of the different needs of diverse populations, as well as the need to provide a safe place for everyone.


The facts and figures show that this was an especially challenging time for women as the backbone of the family in a period of enormous stress, overwhelm and economic pressure for millions of families worldwide.


Strauss aspires to be an organization that offers support for women who are having difficulty in coping with the situation to make sure that no one is left behind, and to play a part in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Target 5.2:


“Eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls in the public and private spheres.”


In 2020, the COVID-19 crisis led to the widening of gaps and a significant regression in gender-related aspects. In 2021, the situation remains dire – 17%, one out of every six women, lost her job and/or was sent on extended unpaid leave. According to Israel Police data, the number of new domestic violence cases reported has increased compared to the same period last year.


Women are forced to bear a growing burden of household chores while continuing to work from home, and as a result, many are forced, or choose, to quit their jobs. There has also been a sharp, serious rise in gender-based violence.


As a result, throughout 2021 we worked to promote awareness and efforts to support women who are victims of violence:


  • Strauss contributed to funding a research study on the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on women carried out by the Adva Center, the Van Leer Institute and Israel’s Gender Knowledge Center, She Knows. The research goal was to monitor the gender implications of the outbreak of the pandemic and the crisis that came in its wake. The organizations published three papers (after each lockdown) that follow up the implications of the crisis on women from several aspects. The papers have served civic, press and activist organizations, female Members of Knesset and women in the academic world. They also served as a basis for discussions by the Knesset Committee on the Status of Women and Gender Equality and were presented at several conferences and events and received broad exposure on social media. (Link)
  • WIZO and Strauss Water collaborated on an initiative to raise awareness of the prevention of gender-based violence and domestic violence. As part of the initiative and since the products reach hundreds of thousands of households in Israel each month, use was made of the Tami4 water bar Maze filter and UV lamp replacement kits to send a message to men and/or women who experienced or were exposed to domestic violence. A prominent orange label is attached to the replacement kits, which are sent to all company customers every six months, bearing the message, including the phone number of WIZO’s Men’s Helpline for help and guidance.


This year once again, for 16 days starting on November 25, we will link up with the UN’s world campaign, joining thousands of entities around the world and lighting up our buildings in orange – the orange glow is a show of solidarity with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. We will also be painting half of our fleet of trucks in Israel orange, with the legend “Stop Violence Against Women” to raise awareness of this important issue.


We will also be coloring our digital platforms orange and running activities in and outside the Company to further understand and acknowledgment the shadow pandemic, with the goal of changing this terrible reality. We will be carrying out a series of initiatives with social organizations engaged in the prevention of violence against women – sending a letter from the CEO and a “Talking Heads” video to all employees, a dedicated virtual event for employees, and an in-house campaign for the distribution of lapel stickers to all employees at all sites.


It is the responsibility and obligation of each and every one of us to secure people’s right to live in safety.


It is time for all of us to say #Stop_Violence_Against_Women