End Violence Against Women


While the world is fighting one pandemic, many Women are faced with another deadly pandemic.

Social distancing and people withdrawing into their homes has exacerbated what the UN calls “The shadow pandemic”: a major increase in domestic violence against Women and Girls.

What is supposed to be the safest place, where people took shelter from one pandemic – has turned into a lethal place where another pandemic grows silently.

We at Strauss have decided to join this important cause to prevent violence against women – and we will assist anyone who works to put an end to it.
As of November 25th, and for 16 consecutive days, we will join the UN Women global initiative and thousands of organizations and companies around the world – we will illuminate our factories and sites in orange, the international color to end violence against women.
We will also color all of our digital platforms orange and conduct internal and external activities to promote awareness and understanding of the shadow pandemic, with a clear objective – to change this harsh reality.

We call every organization that shares this vision to join us and #OrangeTheWorld.

Every one of us has a responsibility to live in safety and security. It is time we all say #EndViolenceAgainstWomen