Strauss Group’s direct carbon footprint is caused mainly by the burning of fuel (condensed hydrocarbon gas, fuel oil, diesel, gasoline and more) at Strauss sites and by vehicles. The main fuel used in production at the Strauss sites outside Israel is natural gas, which is considered to have the lowest greenhouse gas emissions of any of the existing fossil fuels.


Participation in a pilot project of the Environmental Protection Ministry’s greenhouse gas emissions reporting mechanism

The Strauss Group was one of the first companies in the Israeli economy, and was the first food company, to voluntarily join the greenhouse gas emissions reporting mechanism pilot project established by the Ministry of Environmental Protection in 2010.  As a result of joining the pilot project, in 2010 the company also began monitoring greenhouse gas emissions resulting from Freon emissions from the Group’s refrigeration systems.  These additional emissions were not included in the total emissions presentation in the 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report, but are presented separately in order to create a system of reporting and comparison.