Responsible Sourcing

Our coffee procurement headquarters in Switzerland handles all green coffee raw material purchases for Strauss Coffee, except for our operation in Brazil. The office in Switzerland is also our knowledge center for all aspects of green coffee quality, coffee blends, price risk management and logistics.

The procurement of the raw materials purchased through our office in Zug/Switzerland follows the principles established in “Ethics Charter” of Strauss Group, whereby fair and responsible business conduct in every aspect of its activity is a key element. All our business partners, being a farmer, cooperatives, small to medium sized exporter and international trade house are sharing this charter and adhere to our guiding principles.

As one of the largest coffee manufacturers in Central-, Eastern Europe, Israel and in Brazil, we are aware of our socio-economic responsibility, especially in the coffee producing countries in which we purchase our raw materials.

We therefore established our “More than a Cup” program, which supports hundreds of women coffee growers in eight different coffee producing countries, spread over three continents.

Our aim is to create maximum tangible and measurable benefits for the most marginalized coffee producers through well-established, direct partnerships, investing in concrete and individual long-term projects, which take into account the very specific needs of each group of producers.

Furthermore, at Strauss Coffee, we believe that sustainability in coffee production is a shared responsibility. Consequently, we are a member of the Global Coffee Platform (GCP), the largest multi-stakeholder initiative, which facilitates collective actions, aligns and scales investments of its members.

Coffee Purchasing of 4C Certified Coffee

Strauss cooperates with the 4C (Common Code for the Coffee Community) certification system, by including in its purchasing policies 4C certified sustainable coffee.  4C is a global sustainability standard that connects producers, trade organizations, industry and civil society.  The aim of the organization is to cultivate sustainability in the green coffee supply chain and to increase the amount of coffee that meets high standards criteria of sustainability in fair employment, human rights, environmental protection, and economic feasibility.  Naturally, the purchase of 4C certified coffee increases the costs of coffee purchases.  We accept these additional costs in our commitment to the principles of Corporate Responsibility.