The Social Responsibility Charter

The Social Responsibility Charter for suppliers includes the rules of behavior that Strauss Israel requires its suppliers to comply with in various ethical aspects of business conduct.  This includes: compliance with the law, fair trade, employee rights, work environment, fair pay, human rights, product guarantee and employee health and safety, environmental quality, and integrity in business.Suppliers are required to declare that forced labor and the employment of children are absolutely forbidden and that the suppliers themselves will not employ service providers who employ employees without pay or under duress.  Suppliers are required to properly handle water water, solid waste and pollutants and they are forbidden from paying or receiving bribes.

Engagement with a new supplier is conditional on signature of the Strauss Israel Social Responsibility Charter almost all suppliers have now signed the Charter.  In 2010, 400 suppliers signed the Social Responsibility Charter which makes 500 suppliers which have signed to date.
Therefore, approximately 3% of Strauss Group suppliers have signed the Charter thereby committing to act in accordance with the standards we have established.
As part of the supplier evaluation procedure, credit is given for signing the Social Responsibility Charter. Strauss reserves the right to inspect and require appropriate certification from the supplier as a condition of continued business. We clearly inform suppliers that failure to comply with the provisions of the Charter could lead to the discontinuation of Strauss’ association with them.