Alpha Strauss

To be the first to know what’s new & what’s interesting

As a commercial company we clearly want to find the best technologies, but having decided to take an active part in accelerating the Israeli FoodTech industry we are not just looking for new technologies.  We want to try to help inventors, entrepreneurs & scientists develop new & innovative technologies, aimed at solving food industry challenges.


Technology – a tool for continuous improvement

As food consumers we all share several common desires. We all want delicious and indulging food which is also healthy, environmentally-friendly if possible, and, of course, cost-saving.

One concept that can fulfill our desires, when used wisely, is FoodTech. While we all eat food and enjoy it, most of us don’t have any idea how to improve its quality and streamline its production process through technology. New technologies can help create healthier, higher-quality products with improved flavors, textures and traits, facilitate regular, efficient and safe production of food products, and even minimize environmental impact.


Why is it important to develop advanced technologies?

FoodTech pertains to technologies with food-related applications along its entire value chain – from growing agricultural raw materials, through to various processing phases, and finally the packaging phase. Companies that are wise enough to implement such new and advanced technologies will be able, as mentioned, to manufacture improved-value products for consumers, and thus gain a competitive edge.

Indeed, everyone is looking for a better technology. It is no wonder, then, that international giants hold R&D centers with hundreds of scientists, and smaller companies buy technologies from suppliers.


Israel and a potential FoodTech superpower

When we thought at Strauss where we could get better technologies, we reminded ourselves that we live in a country that has always addressed its challenges through technology, knew how to convert superb defense industries to successful high-tech industry, and has transformed from an agricultural superpower to a Biomed superpower as well.

We realized that Israel has clear potential to become a FoodTech superpower. To make this vision a reality, we established the Alpha Strauss project. By doing so we undertook to establish the FoodTech community of Israel, with the understanding that a large industrial body was needed to connect all the numerous R&D institutions, researchers, inventors and entrepreneurs to the market.


Mutual contribution

Today, after more than one year of working under the radar, we begin to enjoy the fruits – the number and quality of the technologies we have seen is amazing, we feel that through collaboration with entrepreneurs we give them just as much as they give us in return, and know that our joint work will result in flourishing food technologies in Israel.


Clearly, promoting this issue further involves more time and resources. To this end, we defined the Alpha initiative as a long-term strategic process at Strauss Group, managed from Group HQ. The proof still rests with us, but thanks to this new project, we believe that the moment in which breakthroughs food technologies originating in Israel will appear in products on shelves at retail chains is not far away, and such representation – we hope – will not be a one-time practice and in Israel only.