Strauss Israel Customer Service Center

Our Service Center is a major communications channel with our consumers, and we invest significant resources in its operation.

Every consumer call is handled by Strauss Israel in a professional manner and merits our full attention.  The Service Center is staffed by representatives who are responsible for contact between the Service Center and Strauss business units, including the handling of difficult complaints according to defined procedures and the reporting relevant information to the business units accompanied by a recommendation.


Service Accessibility

We developed a plan to improve the accessibility of Strauss Israel’s customer service to those with disabilities.  Strauss is improving the Group’s Internet site accessibility for people with disabilities the ability to transfer the content that appears on the site by sound and easier mobility between pages on the site without the use of a mouse  (our website already has increasing font functionality). Further, we plan to improve accessibility at Strauss Israel Visitors Centers in consultation with experts such as the “Access Israel” organization and the Director of Safety, Health and Hazardous Materials at Strauss Israel.


Information Management System

The system contains reliable and up-to-date information regarding Strauss Group’s products and enables service representatives to provide a quick and reliable response.


Satisfaction Surveys

We conduct satisfaction surveys on a regular basis among consumers who contact our customer service center.



And around the world…


Max Brenner Chocolate Bars, United States

Our Customer Service policy at Max Brenner is based on meticulous quality, speed and a warm and pleasant atmosphere for our guests, the consumers.  We document consumer calls for tracking and handling, treat each call and suggested improvement seriously and consider if and how suggested changes can be implemented.

Strauss Coffee Poland

We operate according to the ISO 9001 quality standard and document how consumer complaints and calls are handled.  On each pack of coffee we note the Company’s contact information for information and feedback.  Each consumer call is checked and investigated in depth and a response is given to each call.  In 2010, 10 consumer calls were received.

Strauss Adriatic

We operate according to procedures and a structured form to receive and handle all types of calls from consumers and customers.  In addition, monthly and quarterly reports on the quantity and type of calls are submitted to local management and Group management. These reports are thoroughly analyzed and conclusions drawn for prevention of recurrence.

Strauss Coffee Romania

A satisfaction survey conducted among Strauss Coffee Romania consumers showed that the average satisfaction score in 2010 was 4.53 (on a scale of 0-5).

Strauss Water

There are 100 representatives at the Strauss Water Customer Service Center who respond to calls from customers.  Strauss managers analyze the trends and translate the information into improvements in service and sales processes, and changes in the company’s products and new service plans.  In addition, the service center staff initiates phone contact to renew service plans. Tens of thousands of packages with filters and light bulbs are sent at our initiative to customers each month to ensure that customers can enjoy drinking excellent water without interruption.  The service representatives share professional information and issues among themselves, learn how to create empathy and how to handle customer calls.  The team leaders provide support for the representatives and provide an attentive ear as well as professional and management instruction.


Crisis Management

As food manufacturers, we bear the responsibility to maintain the highest standards of products and maintain ongoing, transparent dialogue with our consumers based on trust.  Occasionally, despite our continuing efforts to ensure that every product that we produce is safe and of excellent quality, unfortunate incidents occur.  We define a crisis as any situation in which a failure is discovered that could cause the company not to fulfill its promise of a high quality or safe product, including cases in which the failure could cause physical damage or health risks, or be considered as such by our consumers.  Our multi-disciplinary crisis management team has been trained to be prepared for a situation where even the most minimal risk exists of a crisis occurring, and acts according to the Group’s structured procedures.