Health and Products

The Strauss Group’s Health Policy


The three pillars of our health policy are:

1.    Expansion of the portfolio of products with improved nutritional values in a wider variety of categories.

2.    Marketing with an emphasis on health.

3.    Reinforcing transparency and more prominent and clearer presentation of nutritional and health messages on products.



Our Products’ Contribution to a Healthy Lifestyle

In recent years, consumer awareness of the connection between nutrition and health has increased.  In the past, the prevailing assumption was that there is a clear distinction between health products and enjoyable products.  Today, consumers are looking for added nutritional value and proven effectiveness of the products even with products that are not defined as “health products”.  Strauss’s continuing strategy is to develop products with added health value that are exciting and taste good while maintaining high quality.  As a leading and socially responsible food company, Strauss meticulously remains abreast of the newest trends.


We continue to operate at two levels:

1.    Product development and improvement:  We have worked diligently on the development of new products that are rich in the best nutritional elements in a wider variety of categories and on the improvement of the nutritional composition of existing products.  We are developing products that combine intelligent nutrition, both in the world of health and in the world of fun and indulgence, with the aim of enabling our consumers to choose products that will provide them with enjoyment at the same time as they help them maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
2.    Marketing: We have emphasized the nutritional values and health aspects of products through packaging and our marketing campaigns, in the recognition of our consumers’ increasing awareness of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.