Healthy Lifestyle


Strauss leads a variety of activities that support a healthy lifestyle.  The main programs operated by Strauss are described below:


Strauss Institute

The Strauss Institute supports the promotion of information and research into the healthy lifestyles field through:

1.    Support research grants with the aim of promoting projects in food and nutrition that support healthy lifestyle messages.
2.    Holding scientific conferences for thought leaders (such as doctors, dieticians, and others) on matters of health and professional scientific topics in the field of a healthy lifestyle.
3.    Development of tools for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.


Cooperation with Professionals in the Fields of Health, Nutrition, and Lifestyle

At Strauss Israel, we continue our cooperation with professionals in the health, nutrition and healthy lifestyle through conferences, meetings or joint work teams.  Our aim is to disseminate knowledge on issues concerning health and nutrition and to provide professionals with scientific tools and nutritional understanding concerning our products.

Strauss Israel participates in major conferences in the field of health. Additionally, Strauss holds regular meetings with key opinion leaders on health, such as nutritional scientists, dieticians and senior physicians, and meetings with hospital staff.  The aim of the meetings is to discuss Strauss’s health policy and significant issues as part of a dialogue with this central stakeholder group.


Activities Involving the “Healthy Cities Network”

Strauss Israel joined a venture to promote a healthy lifestyle in the city of Haifa as part of the “Healthy Cities Network” activities in Israel, which support the need for a municipal database for the planning and evaluation of activities promoting the health of the city.  The initiative has been joined by educators, health and sport professionals, urban planners and others, with the aim of creating a variety of programs for the promotion of proper nutrition and physical activity in schools, workplaces, community centers and public places, etc.


Programs Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle among Children

Strauss Israel develops targeted products for children and encourages activities that provide them with smart eating habits.

“The Strauss Plate”: As part of our efforts to promote a healthy lifestyle and a proper diet, the Strauss Group has developed a unique and simple tool that enables the consumer to build a healthy meal with balanced portions.  The Strauss Plate has been distributed to many groups and is used as a work tool for dieticians and physicians.  The cardboard plate presents the way to build a nutritious and enjoyable meal in three stages.