Product Responsibility

Product Labeling

At Strauss Group, we insist on product packaging that clearly reflects the ingredients and nutritional information as required by law and according to the highest standards of product responsibility.  Strauss Group regularly keeps abreast of legislative trends and new regulations and updates its labeling accordingly.  We have compiled the “Strauss Packaging Guide”, which outlines the detailed criteria for   each package design.  Prior to the launch of any product, each new package undergoes a series of inspections by professionals (technologists, designers, dieticians, etc.) who check aspects required by law and many which go beyond the requirements of the law. The labeling on the product packs includes information regarding serving size, nutritional values tables that appear in all required languages, a customer service symbol in a legible and clear design.


Product Labeling for Populations with Special Needs

Strauss Group is sensitive to the needs of special populations and tries to label its products to match their needs (for example: diabetes, gluten, allergens etc.).  Strauss’s policy is to clearly label the product pack when required to warn a certain consumer group of potential physical harm such as allergies, choking hazard for children, etc., even when this is not required by law.   Many of Strauss’s products are labeled with symbols such as: no artificial food colorings, contains whole wheat, natural, preservative-free, etc.


Product Labeling at Strauss Israel

Most of the information regarding products is provided to consumers on the packaging.  Additional information regarding products is provided at Strauss Israel’s initiative to professional audiences such as doctors, nurses and dieticians as well as to organizations such as the Celiac Foundation.  The Company’s website contains extensive information on some of the products.  In addition, the consumer service line provides information concerning products to consumers upon request.


Product Labeling in the Group’s Companies around the World

The nutritional composition of Sabra products is also noted on the company’s internet site, and allergenic materials are clearly labeled on the product packaging.  The products that are purchased by Elite Coffee from an external supplier are labeled with nutritional and allergenic values as required by law.  In Três Corações  , Brazil, there is a policy concerning the labeling of allergenic materials on the packages as well as regarding the material from which the packaging is produced, such as paper, PEAD, PP, etc.  At Strauss Coffee Romania, we act according to guideline EC 13/2000 of the European Union concerning the labeling of nutritional information and ingredients, including food coloring, allergenic materials, artificial sweeteners, and recycled packaging.


Food Safety

Similar to many other consumer products companies in the food sector, we make use of raw materials imported from all over the world, with the purpose of using the most natural, tasty and high quality ingredients.  Food safety is a supreme value when selecting the raw materials and we are proud of our long-standing reputation regarding the supply of safe and healthy products to our consumers.  In order to ensure that our products are of the best quality, we use only food ingredients and packaging materials that have been determined to be safe by technologists in the food sector and have passed inspection in accordance with all relevant legislation.

The Strauss Group’s policy is that its manufacturing plants will operate to international standards in food safety systems management, such as ISO 9001 standards for quality systems, ISO 22000 standards for food safety, GMP rules concerning proper manufacturing conditions and the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Protocol) system.  This is a system for the analysis and management of health and safety risks connected with ingredients and manufacturing processes, which is implemented in almost all of our plants.  The dairies that produce products for export are under the supervision of the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture’s Veterinary Services.

At the product development stage, Strauss Israel carries out evaluations concerning the level of product safety and shelf life and consumer satisfaction with the product and its packaging.  During production, various inspections are carried out covering quality, taste, package closure quality and more in order to ensure a safe, high-quality product that meets planned specifications.  During the product’s shelf life, tracking samples are retained to ensure the possibility of tracking product quality throughout its shelf life.