Responsible Marketing

As part of the marketing and advertising of our products, we always give profound consideration to the community that is exposed to the messages we send and ensure that our marketing communications do not include harmful, illegal, immoral, irresponsible or misleading content.  We insist that the content communicated to consumers be appropriate for their age, needs, language and all the sensitivity required in communications with them.  We are especially careful concerning marketing and advertising to children, and are always committed to fair and ethical marketing practices.  We strive to build long-term trust among our consumers by fulfilling our promises and standing behind every word that we communicate.

During the marketing training of our employees, and during the assimilation of our ethics program, we refer to various issues concerning ethical and responsible behavior in connection with product marking, advertising, marketing and sales promotion.


Marketing With Meaning

From time to time we hold “Marketing with Meaning” processes, through which the messages sent by the company are intended, among other things, to raise awareness of promoting a positive and healthy lifestyle.  These marketing processes occasionally include inviting consumers to join activities to benefit the community and the environment.  We strive to expand the number of marking processes which include elements of social responsibility.


Customer Privacy

At Strauss, we attribute the highest importance to the issue of customer privacy, and make every effort to closely protect this privacy and any information with which our consumers entrust us.  We adhere to all laws, rules and regulations and strict internal procedures relating to privacy. We carefully manage information security in maintaining the database of the company’s customers and ensure we have all the required approvals for sending mailings to our consumers.  Sharing customer information with any party outside the company is strictly forbidden.