Fair Employment

Strauss ensures that the company’s business units employ people in accordance with law.  Strauss Israel management reports every quarter on metrics relating to fair employment.


Employment of Minors

The Strauss Group does not employ minors under the permitted age in any of the countries in which it operates.  We comply with all laws and regulations relating to employment of minors.  We do not violate children’s rights in any manner.  We do not conduct activities where there is a risk of child labor and no cases of this kind have ever occurred in the Group.


Human Rights

We are committed to observing and protecting all human rights set forth by law and view this as an inseparable part of our business activities.  As a multinational corporation, we are committed to honoring and encouraging the protection of human rights in all of the countries in which we operate.  The Group’s employees undergo regular refresher training sessions regarding the Code of Ethics.


Agency Employees

We do our best to ensure that contractor employees are paid in accordance with the law.  We require each manpower contractor to sign a contract ensuring compliance with employment laws for all of its employees.