Communicating with our Employees

We consider it important to hear the different points of view and opinions of our We maintain an active dialog with employees through several channels:


The “Colors of Strauss” portal: The portal allows employees access to Strauss know-how, industry news, updates on Strauss events and business news, information on Strauss brands, blogs on various business issues, and useful tools such as an information archive and more.

The “Heart of the Matter”: An internal communications portal in Israel, which communicates information on Company to employees.  The portal is providing many tools for holding dialog with the employees through an innovative response system and information accessibility.

Feedback: At Strauss Israel, most employees participate in competency assessment discussions once a year which includes career development planning.  At Elite Coffee, all employees participate in monthly or quarterly feedback discussions.  Employees at Sabra United States participate in annual feedback discussions. Employees at Três Corações, Brazil receive feedback on their performance evaluation, and the salespeople at Strauss Coffee Romania receive feedback on their performance every quarter.  At Strauss Coffee Poland, managers and production employees participate in an annual evaluation and the salespeople in a monthly evaluation.  At Strauss Coffee Adriatic, there is an evaluation for managers and an executive development program.  At Strauss Water, an annual organizational employee evaluation process is conducted, during which all employees receive structured feedback on their performance and targets are set for the coming year. There is also a mid-year feedback conversation to review performance against annual targets.

Global opinion survey: Opinion surveys among all employees are conducted once every two years. The survey is distributed to the employees in meetings or by email or face to face, in local languages.  All of the employees are informed of the results of the survey and some participate in discussions to discuss the results.  The key results of the survey are noted throughout this Corporate Responsibility Report.

Dialog with employee representatives: At Strauss Israel, the ongoing dialog is maintained between management and employee representatives through the Employees’ Committee at every site where relevant.  At Elite Coffee, discussions are held every few months to resolve issues as they arise; at Strauss Coffee in Romania and Três Corações, Brazil, there are ongoing meetings and an open-door policy for all employees.  At Strauss Water, round table discussions are the platform for dialog between management and employee representatives.