Social Investment Strategy

Social Investment Strategy

Social Investment Scope

Strauss operates dozens of programs and projects in Israel and throughout the world to improve the well-being of local populations. These programs are managed locally by each site and provide a response to a wide variety of needs including educational, social, and cultural and employment need. Most Strauss Group sites hold organized activities for the community together with regular community partners through through volunteering or through donations or both.


Cash and In Kind Donations

During 2018, the Strauss Group invested an overall total of $3.3 million in the community, including cash, in kind and product donations.


Employee Volunteering

Employees volunteered 13,500 hours in 2018 in our communities around the world. The value of the work hours we invested in community activities in 2018 is estimated at $500,000. Volunteer hours are fully financed by Strauss.

Strauss CARE- Social Responsibility 2019

As part of our way to make a difference for the better in the communities in which we operate, our employees volunteer at the annual social responsibility initiative. This year our activities will be dedicated to volunteering experiences, learning and communication surrounding sustainability agenda and will focus in two main areas:

  1. Encouraging and educating for a healthy life-style and a balanced nutrition
  2. Discussion and familiarization with diverse communities

Meeting diverse communities is an important opportunity to familiarize, learn and create value for many people around our values and it is part of our way to build trust with our stakeholders, but also a way to express our way to show our consideration towards people.

We believe that volunteer work brings with it great pride and energy for all who participates.