Ethical supply chain

Our global supply chain engages more than 14,000 suppliers in the supply of supply ingredients, goods and services to a value of around $2 billion each year to our production factories. Most of our production is in our own 26 facilities around the world, supported by a network of warehousing, logistics and distribution operations that deliver our products to our customers. Throughout this complex supply chain, we aim to ensure fair and responsible dealings with our suppliers, sustainable and ethical sourcing of our food ingredients, other raw materials and packaging, as well as adhering to the highest standards of human rights in all our internal and external operations. 100% of our food products in each country are subject to strict regulatory guidelines and labeling of ingredients and nutritional information. We aim to comply in full with applicable regulations and have not been subject to incidents of non-compliance resulting in fines or sanctions during the past year.


Supplier code of conduct at Sabra

In 2016, Sabra published a Supplier Code of Conduct for suppliers

Taking another step to ensure an ethical supply chain, in the U.S., Sabra developed and published a Code of Conduct for suppliers. Sabra’s standard contracts and purchase orders issued to suppliers now incorporate this Code of Conduct and suppliers are expected to sign their agreement to comply. In both Sabra and operations in Israel, 100% of new suppliers confirm their agreement to ethical standards.

Listening to our suppliers

A new program to improve relations with suppliers in Strauss Israel

In Israel in 2016, we performed a full review of all supply-chain procedures, provided training for our procurement staff and undertook a survey of 50 suppliers to obtain insights to help us improve practices in the supply chain. As a result of the feedback we received, we made some changes, such as providing a single focal point for queries in our purchasing department.