Balanced nutrition

Strauss Israel has adopted a new Balanced Nutrition Strategy that requires every product development decision for all the products in our portfolio to be guided by nutritional principles. Our strategy is based on nine principles that guide us in our strategic development processes and product development decisions. We see the implementation of this strategy as a critical step on our journey to earning consumer trust.

Nine Principles of our Balanced Nutrition Strategy

  1. Continuous improvement: offer the most balanced product alternatives, and improve the nutritional profiles of our foods 
  2. Balanced nutrition: encourage balanced nutrition and adapt portion sizes to the nutritional profile of the category
  3. Clean label: remove unnecessary or low-value ingredients from existing and new products
  4. Strengthen the good: expand our offerings in categories that support balanced nutrition
  5. Accessible nutrition:invest in products for consumers with special dietary needs for health need or personal preference
  6. Balanced nutrition for all: drive fair pricing of products that support balanced nutrition
  7. Sustainability: take responsibility for our impact along the value chain and accelerate sustainable processes
  8. Transparency: provide consumers with clear and transparent product information through clear product labeling, packaging and communication.
  9. Passion for food: lead with a joy of creation and a genuine passion for food