Caring for the environment

As a responsible manufacturer of food and beverages with a global footprint, we act with respect for our natural environment and strive to minimize our impacts on climate change and global resource consumption. We believe that we can continue to grow our business and meet our consumers’ needs for healthy and nutritious products while exercising control over our environmental impacts. Importantly, our consumers, employees and many others expect us, as a responsible corporate citizen, to take care of the planet so that we and future generations can continue to thrive. We have publicly accounted for our environmental performance for more than ten years and continue to do so. Please see our performance dashboard in this report and in our downloadable GRI Content Index for details of our environmental performance.

Examples of improvements in resource consumption and reduced waste generation in 2018 include:

Romania: recycling coffee chaff generated during the coffee roasting process in Romania

Romania: reducing the size of coffee vacuum packs by 7% with no change to coffee weight in the pack, thereby reducing materials used and overall waste generated.

Israel: ongoing sustainable waste disposal including wastewater sludge to compost, product waste to animal feed, paper and nylon to recycling and general mixed waste for recycling as refuse-derived fuel (RDF).  In 2018, 3 factories in Israel achieved zero industrial waste to landfill

Israel: saving 15% of the electricity consumed by the compressed air system. We implemented Israeli innovative technology with installation of underground buffer tanks. The large buffer (150 m^3) allowed lowering of the system air pressure and reduced the idle activity of the compressors.