Promoting sustainable agriculture

Our consumers want to know we behave ethically and responsibly while making the products they love in their daily diets. At the same time, we recognize the significant impact agriculture has on our environment in terms of land use, climate change and water scarcity as well as on local economies. Working with local growers, for example, both reduces the environmental impacts of transportation and helps maintain a vibrant local economy.   

Helping our cows feel at home

In 2016, we mapped our dairy supply chain processes and instituted a program to improve conditions for cows, environmental sustainability and milk quality. In 2018, we went a step further and developed a broader program that offers both structure and flexibility for farmers. As a key step, we conducted two round table discussions to solicit the guidance of experts in Israel including dairy farmers, academic specialists, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Milk Council and the Israel Cattle Breeders’ Association (ICBA). With their input, we developed our new “Cow Time” program. Cow Time now includes 20 aspects of cow wellbeing and milk quality that offers dairy farms an element choice in which of these topics they prioritize according to the size and capabilities of each dairy farm. Cow time is already in operation at 22 dairy farms in our Yotvata supply network. In 2019, our dairy experts at Strauss Dairies will follow a structured Cow Time plan to continue to audit all our 77 farms in the north of Israel against their commitments and monitor their progress