Strauss Trust survey

For the past several years, we have consistently engaged with a range of key stakeholders, seeking to understand their expectations, concerns and perspectives about issues that affect them in relation to health and nutrition, food, food companies, the cost of living and other socio-economic conditions, and of course about our own conduct as Strauss Israel and how we meet their needs. Our annual stakeholder survey, first undertaken in 2015, is a process of systematic research with key stakeholder groups in Israel, our home base. We commission an independent firm to conduct this research each year on our behalf with rigor and detailed analysis.

In 2018, however, we made a step change in this approach. Realizing that trust is the critical foundation for all relationships and the key to sustainable growth, we decided to focus the annual stakeholder survey on our stakeholders’ attitudes to trust. We wanted to know what we need to do to earn their trust. We revised our outreach methodology and the nature of the questions we asked each group and we expanded our outreach to include additional groups, such as consumer group from different backgrounds, that we had not deliberately included in prior research. And so, the Strauss Trust Survey was born.

The result, we believe, represents a true 360o picture of trust for Strauss Group. We believe this is the most extensive outreach by any consumer-facing company in Israel, and we have been humbled by the wealth of insights we gain from this investment in understanding what being a trustworthy company requires.