Our Way

Facing Ahead 
Strauss Group manages a portfolio of five diverse companies and is noted for its long-term business and social perspective. In line with this perspective, once every few years the Group sets visionary goals with the aim of setting a new, ambitious bar for the performance of the Company and its people. These goals challenge our employees and require innovative thinking and the development of processes based on advanced international standards – all with the goal of accomplishing our assignment: improving the lives of people and of our consumers all over the world. We realize this path through all our employees, who are the Group’s most important asset. Everyone at Strauss follows this path, which is a symbol of their identity as Strauss employees.Activity aligned with a long-term vision, the importance of our values, our aspirations to excellence and constant innovation, and the decision to set a new, challenging performance standard every few years, on which we focus, drive energy and shape an organizational culture that is characterized by passion, determination and daring. In this way, every employee is able to leave his or her mark and feel committed to the Company. At the same time, externally, these characteristics form the basis for our international growth and expansion, for the development of products and innovative, high-quality experiences, and for creating long-term value for our stakeholders and people
A Challenging Company

Strauss Group is growing fast and constantly sets new challenges for its people. Our diversified business portfolio and international operations create an abundance of jobs, opportunities and possibilities for promotion and development for veteran employees as well as the talented, experienced and knowledgeable people who join us. The Company has regular trajectories in place for training and management development based on the competencies that will be required of its people in the future, and believes in growing and promoting its employees. Alongside the empowerment of local managers in the different countries where we work, there are also global transverse positions.

Additionally, our managers also partner in cross-organizational professional communities and manage work interfaces with diverse people in different countries. In this way they are exposed to the big wide world, learn from and are inspired by it, as they develop work skills in different cultures and insights into world trends in a variety of spheres, such as strategy, marketing, technology, operations, finance, etc.

The Group’s visionary goals reflect our innovational and entrepreneurial spirit, which is expressed in the first-of-a-kind, challenging and forward-looking projects undertaken by our employees.

Our robustness, success, and the fact that Strauss is constantly developing all contribute to the sense of pride our people share, which attract talents from different spheres through opportunities to develop and realize their potential in a challenging work environment.

The People are the Company

Strauss has enjoyed excellent labor relations throughout its existence. We make sure to conduct an ongoing dialogue with our employees and invest a great deal of managerial energy in internal communications, along with frequent meetings between management and employees in all of our facilities. We have many internal communication and feedback channels in place, such as our Intranet portal, newsletters, focus groups on different subjects and a biennial engagement survey, the findings of which are analyzed, presented to management and returned to employees in the form of an improved operational plan.

As a company that promotes diversity, gender balance and inclusion, we have diverse employees, each of whom brings more colors, voices, opinions and their own unique capabilities, for all of which they are appreciated.

The warm, personal atmosphere, as well as the close relationships between managers and employees and among themselves, are continuously nurtured and maintained, even as the Company grows, as part of our generation-to-generation heritage and organizational culture. The Company grants employees a diversified benefits basket and holds a series of social activities for employees and their families.

Everyone at Strauss knows that they will find an open door and someone who will listen, even among the most senior management levels, and knows that they are able to influence and take part in decision making, regardless of where they are in the organizational hierarchy. This unique atmosphere builds great two-way commitment on all levels, among employees and management alike, which contributes to the realization of the Company’s goals.

A Responsible Company 
As a company that cares about doing business in a beneficial way, Strauss has a many-year-long tradition of social responsibility and involvement. As a company whose mission is to improve the lives of people everywhere, we act with responsibility to our consumers, employees and the environment. The Group is involved in dozens of social projects in the different communities where we operate. In this context, emphasis is placed on process improvement with the goal of managing all of our corporate responsibility efforts in the most advanced way, in spheres touching on employment conditions, human rights, relations with our suppliers, the environment, ethics, marketing and consumerism, and more. We do all of this on the basis of our responsibility for developing high-quality, healthy and indulging products, while contributing to the consolidation of a healthy society.